Longing to bring a little wilderness into your life? Not sure if you're artistic enough to paint a cool-looking landscape? As a former "no, I'm definitely not an artist" person myself, I can relate -- and I know you're more artistic than you think.

During this replay of my live 90-minute workshop, we'll go over basic watercolor techniques and wilderness subjects before diving into a stunning sunset forest painting that will be begging to go up on your favorite wall.

And to enhance your learning experience, included in this workshop is a copy of my best-selling digital workbook, Painting the Wilderness, for your personal use during the training and practice afterward.

This workshop is for you if:

  • Bob Ross and his happy little trees are your happy place.
  • You've always wanted to learn to paint landscapes but were too intimidated to give it a shot.
  • You love nature and want more of it in your life and on your desk.

This workshop is NOT for you if:

  • You hate nature.
  • You have no interest in watercolor.
  • You dislike learning new things.
“I have taken several of Kolbie's classes, and every single one is fantastic! She is very thorough and "user-friendly" and her style is so fun!”
​​​​​​​-Cara S.

Kolbie Blume, artist, writer, and your biggest fan

After decades of believing art just "wasn't her thing," Kolbie picked up a brush pen on a whim and decided to give hand lettering a try. What started as an obsession grew into an even bigger obsession, leading her through calligraphy and lettering to watercolor illustration. 

After a few years of teaching herself to love art, she couldn't hold it in any longer and decided to make a little class on Skillshare. Two years and 12k+ students later, she's made a living from teaching other people to love art, and she's never looked back. 

Her goal with each class is to help give you the courage + tools to keep making beautiful things -- because the world needs all the creativity it can get.

Here's a breakdown of the class.

Intro to Watercolor + Warm Ups

Basic Watercolor Techniques

Color Value + Gradients

Final Project: The Sky

How to Paint Loose Pines 

Final Project: The Trees

Plus, there's a BONUS Video:

  • how I curate my watercolor palette
  • how to tackle unwanted dried paint lines

Can't wait to see you in the wild!

One-time payment of $45

  • 2 hours of video instruction ($149 value)
  • copy of my best-selling workbook, Painting the Wilderness ($20 value)
  • lifetime access to my exclusive Facebook Group, Art Explorers Club ($99 value)

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